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Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer, Brass

Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer, Brass

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Product Description:
1.A perfect balance between classic and modern styles is achieved. The graceful curves and decorative details of the faucet create a transitional look that complements any kitchen.

2. Function drop-down sprinklers are designed for ultimate convenience; providing maximum flexibility for all your kitchen tasks and allowing you to spray every hard-to-reach corner of the kitchen sink. Switch from the aerated flow or spray of daily work to the powerful water jet; and the food residue can be removed at the push of a button.

3.The elegant gooseneck spout can easily accommodate your largest cookware and add a soft transitional beauty. The sturdy brass structure and the industry's best components ensure long-lasting leak-free performance. Steel prevents fingerprints and reduces cleaning. Believe that the power of design can transform ordinary environments into beautiful spaces.

4. Our goal is to create devices that can inspire and empower those who use them. We want our design to stimulate people’s imagination and change the way they view living spaces. Our innovation shows to our customers that they can always expect more from us in terms of quality; function; value and design. Change your kitchen and bathroom to make life better.

Selling point:
1.Corrosion-resistant finish will not fade or lose gloss over time; Steel resistant to water stains and fingerprints-solid brass structure and top components ensure long-lasting leak-free performance.

2.Bridge faucet design: The horizontal bar connects the hot and cold water handles to the faucet outlet; creating a bold classic
appearance-the drop-down sprinkler provides flexibility for close tasks and expands the range around the sink; no separate side is required Sprayer.

3.Functional faucet: aerated flow and spray for daily tasks; powerful blade function for heavy-duty flushing-gooseneck provides enough clearance to fill high pitchers; rotating 360 degrees for a wide range of movements.

4.Faucet height: 17.3 inches-Adjustable flow rate can be modified from 1.8 gpm to 2.2 gpm-Lifetime limited warranty: Top customer service with you first guarantees satisfaction.

product information
Part number THSP002
Item weight 7.72 lb
Product size 24.4x 2.75 x 16.7 inches
Style bridge faucet
material: metal
Installation method No countertop installation
Number of pieces 1
Flow 1.8 GPM
Number of holes 3
Spout height 9 inches
Orifice up to 8.6 inches
Number of handles 2

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